Jacob Wachira Ezigbo


About Jacob Wachira Ezigbo:

I come from a family of artists.  My grandfather built the barrels for rifles for the British soldiers in the second World War.  He created with different metals and enjoyed sculpting with wood.  My father is a house painter with a great sense of color and attention to details, his work is always meticulous.  My mother is a seamstress with a eye for patterns and color, her deep soul felt in the fabric.  

At my birth I was left with my umbilical cord open and it took 8 hours for it to be discovered by my mothers friend, who came for a visit.  This experience opened my heart and dedication to giving back to mothers and the children of our neighborhood. I have been given a voice through my art and I intend to always speak to the positive possibilities of life and to express what I see and experience. 


Favorite Achievements

Certificate of Appreciation - UNEP

Nairobi, Kenya - World Water Day Event 1997

Best Artist in Kenya 2002

Ruth Hunt Wood Foundation 

Awarded Fellowship to University of Kentucky 

Founded Watoto Wa Kwetu Trust 2004

Painting in a museum collection -

"Musically Speaking" Mt. Sterling Kentucky Museum 2010

Founded DreamAWAKE Production 2011