Jacob Wachira Ezigbo

"I believe love is in the moments we share and that bond us to one another."

Jacob Wachira Ezigbo artist

‚ÄčI became a full time artist in 1998, at the time dedicating myself to painting.  Over the years I add every medium of art I am interested in. Growing up in the oldest slum, Mathare Valley, in Nairobi, Kenya allowed me the opportunity to live with every tribe of my country.  I learn by watching people and living in this communal environment allowed me the chance to see many different lifestyles.  

Giving back to my community is very important to who I am.  I have a trust in Kenya called Watoto Wa Kwetu, in Swahili means "children of the neighborhood", where children between the ages of 5-18 would come to an area outside my mother's home every Saturday for art workshops.  I offered them every art medium they requested, photography, videography, painting, beading, music, etc.  

- Jacob Wachira Ezigbo